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We invite you to share your expertise with our members and guests!

Submit your learning session or best practices presentation proposal today.

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HHRAM request that proposals be submitted 90 days prior to the spring or fall conference in order to be considered for its programming. Topics must relate to healthcare human resources.

Conference Policies:

Learning Sessions are to be designed to address the issues in a small to moderately-sized group setting.  Presenters should choose the instructional methods that best suit the presentation's objectives and content. 

HHRAM programs are noncommercial forums.  Individuals should refrain from using brand names and endorsing specific projects.  Under no circumstances should an HHRAM podium be used as a place for direct promotion of a speaker's product, service, or monetary self-interest.  Presenters also must refrain from overt statements, harsh language, or pointed humor that disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any individual or group. 

Instructions for Completing a Learning Session Proposal:

To be considered, proposals must follow these specifications:

  • Proposals must not exceed three pages.
  • Proposals must adhere to the "Proposal Preparation Guidelines" included in this document.
  • Proposals must be typed. Please use 12-point or larger font. Hand-written proposals will not be reviewed.
  • Email your proposal.
  • Proposals must be legible - whether mailed, emailed or faxed. The receipt and readability of the document is the responsibility of the sender.
  • Do NOT include additional information with your proposal. It will not be reviewed or returned.

Proposals must be returned to the conference planners by the designated due date. Please send to:

Selection Criteria - Learning Sessions and Best Practices:

The selection process follows a review of every proposal.  A volunteer committee reviews proposals and strives for a diverse, innovative, practical and well-balanced conference.  The volunteer committee will review the past conference recommendations and take those into consideration to best meet the needs of the group. 

Proposal Preparation Guidelines:

Please prepare a proposal document that includes all the items below.  Your proposal must not exceed three pages and must be typed.

  1. Topic/Areas of Interest: Indicate the specific focus area your proposal addresses.
  2. Contact Information: Include name, title, organization, mailing address, phone number and email address.
    - Indicate whether you are an internal HR practitioner or a consultant.
  3. Co-Presenters: List any co-presenters following the format above.
  4. Presentation Title:  Please limit to 10 words.  Do not use all capitals, any abbreviations, acronyms or trademarks
  5. Description:  Write a 75 -100 word session description.  This description must effectively capture the essence of your presentation permitting program participants to plan their attendance at sessions of interest to them.  Be as specific as possible. 
  6. Learning Outcomes:  Write three learning outcomes.  What valuable knowledge, skills, or tools will the participants receive from the session?  Begin with this preface:  "By the end of this session, the participant will be able to...", then list the 3 outcomes.  The learning outcomes must be stated in behavioral terms beginning with a descriptive action verb.  Typical verbs used in writing learning outcomes include:  define, describe, identify, label, list, name, state, discuss, explain, give examples, identify, apply, change, demonstrate, prepare, relate, select, analyze, compare, differentiate, sort, categorize, evaluate, justify, revise, score, summarize, etc.
  7.  Presentation Outline:  Prepare an outline of your presentation.  Be brief, but include sufficient information in the outline for evaluation of content. 
  8.  Methodology:  Explain how you will conduct the presentation and equipment you may need.  You are challenged to be informative, creative and interactive.
  9. Expertise:  Include a one-paragraph biography of each presenter.  It should include the name and nature of their organization, their role and function, educational background, previous employment as applicable, professional certifications and publications they've written.
  10. Speaking Experience:  A requirement for making a presentation at this conference is that you must have previously made a presentation to a small to moderate-size group (10-40 participants).  This group may be either internal or external to your organization.
    - Name of conference or group to which you have made a presentation
    - Presentation Title
    - Date and location of presentation
    - Person who has agreed to be contacted as a potential reference about this particular presentation. Please include their name, title, organization, telephone number and email address.
  11.  Fees:  List your fees (i.e. program fee, mileage, rental car, airfare to and from presentation, meals, hotel, etc).

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