Scholarship Coordinator


Promotes and coordinates scholarship opportunities within HHRAM, Inc.


DUTIES OF THE Scholarship Coordinator

  1. Coordinates the HHRAM, Inc. scholarship program.  Maintains and implements established scholarship program framework and guidelines.
  2. Promotes and communicates the scholarship program to HHRAM, Inc. members during annual conferences and newsletters.
  3. Ensures website contains current scholarship application information.
  4. Responds to requests for the application materials.
  5. Receives and reviews applications and supporting documentation.
  6. Presents and recommends eligible candidates to the HHRAM, Inc. Executive Board Meeting in month following most recent scholarship application deadline.
  7. Works with HHRAM, Inc. Treasurer to obtain the scholarship payment.
  8. Sends award recipient/s congratulatory letter and payments as outlined by program guidelines.   
  9. Submits announcements of the scholarship recipient(s) to HHRAM’s newsletter coordinator.
  10. Supports and participates in HHRAM, Inc activities.
  11. Assists as needed with conferences and projects.
  12. Completes other responsibilities as required or assigned.



The term of the Scholarship Coordinator is two years. The Scholarship Coordinator shall be appointed by the Board.



The Scholarship Coordinator shall be a member of HHRAM, Inc.