Membership Director



The Membership Director is responsible for providing membership information to appropriate parties and maintains current membership list information.  Coordinates chapter membership drive and recruitment efforts, as well as orientation activities for new members.  The Membership Director is a voting board member of the Board of Directors.



  1. Is the primary contact for all questions concerning membership in HHRAM and/or ASHHRA.  Follows up inquiries regarding membership. 
  2. Works with administrative partners to coordinate membership drive.  Ensures membership information is correct. 
  3. Receives and maintains membership lists.  Shares appropriate information with conference coordinators, other executive committee members as needed.
  4. Oversees new member orientation.  Ensures that new members are oriented and recognized at their first conference.  
  5. Orients new members about HHRAM, Inc.  This will include (but is not limited to) education about the history of HHRAM, the mission and vision, organizational structure and committees, map of the region, ASHHRA, conferences and educational opportunities, salary and benefit surveys, HHRAM newsletter and website.
  6. Plans activities to inform new members about HHRAM, Inc. and opportunities to get involved.
  7. Supports and participates in HHRAM, Inc activities.
  8. Supports and participates in ASHHRA activities.  Promotes ASHHRA activities to HHRAM, Inc. members.
  9. Contributes articles and information for newsletters.
  10. Assists as needed with conferences and projects.
  11. Completes other responsibilities as required or assigned.
  12. Is expected to attend majority of executive committee meetings.



The term of Membership Director is two years.  The Membership Director shall be appointed by Board.


The Membership Director shall be a member of HHRAM, Inc.