Member At Large



The Member At Large is responsible for providing input and support in the area of their expertise.  Ideally, this person would be from a non-hospital organization and/or new to the profession.  This member could also be a former board member interested in providing guidance on a continuing basis.  The Member At Large is a voting member of the Board of Directors.


DUTIES OF THE Member at Large:

  1. Serves as a resource for HHRAM Board Members to help identify needs in their area of expertise. 
  2. Helps build relationships with HHRAM Members.
  3. Supports and participates in HHRAM, Inc activities.
  4. Assists as needed with conferences and projects.
  5. Completes other responsibilities as required or assigned.



The term of the Member At Large is two years. The Member At Large shall be appointed by the Board.



The Member At Large shall be a member of HHRAM, Inc.