Communications Director



The Communications Director is responsible for the website administration, newsletter coordination and communication to membership via various methods of social media.  He/she shall perform other duties as assigned.  The Communications Director is a voting board member of the Board of Directors.



  1. Assists in developing documents to “market” HHRAM, Inc. which are utilized in promotion of the image/brand, as well as communicating with HR professionals (members and potential members). 
  2. Works closely with Membership Director to provide appropriate information to potential members.
  3. Coordinates newsletter process.  Ensures newsletters are published on a pre-determined frequency in order to meet annual chapter management goals.  Works with the President to gather new information from HHRAM Inc. members for the newsletter.  Posts newsletters to the web. 
  4. Oversees the administration of the HHRAM Inc. website.  Ensures the website is fully utilized, maintained and current.  Serves as primary contact to external webmaster to maintain site.
  5. Promotes HHRAM Inc. website to current and potential members.
  6. Supports and participates in HHRAM, Inc activities.
  7. Supports and participates in ASHHRA activities.  Promotes ASHHRA activities to HHRAM, Inc. members.
  8. Assists as needed with conferences and projects.
  9. Completes other responsibilities as required or assigned.
  10. Is expected to attend majority of executive committee meetings.



The term of Communications Director is two years. The Communications Director shall be appointed by the Board.



The Communications Director shall be a member of HHRAM, Inc.